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Car, Commercial and Home Window Tinting Service in LUBBOCK, Texas

At Brian's Window Tinting we do it all! In business for 23 years, with certified and highly trained technicians who are always professional and courteous.

Let Brian's Window Tinting; covering the cities of Lubbock, Levelland and Plainview, TX decrease your electric bill; protect your drapes, carpet and furniture from fading.  Increase the curb appeal of your home or business and provide additional security.

We do our entire vehicle tinting in the shop and have the best prices in the business. Tinting your auto windows is a great protection from UV rays.

Our mobile service will come to your home or business and put you’re tinting up with quality and expertise you would expect from an experienced tinting specialist. 

Call us today (806) 478-1312 for that free quote. We are honest, reliable and affordable – Brian's Window Tinting.

The authority on window tinting in the communities of Lubbock, Levelland and Plainview, TX, is Brian's Window Tinting. 

Whether it’s:

Car Tint
Window Solar Film
Safety Film
Residential Tinting
Commercial Tinting
...and much more

The professionals at Brian's Window Tinting have the know-how to handle any of your window tint needs. If you want affordable, well installed, bubble free window tint in the local Lubbock, Texas area; give us a call today at (806) 478-1312

For more information about our services, please call us at (806) 478-1312 or visit our Services Page
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Sloppy work and got Overcharged!!
Sanaul . in Lubbock 8 months ago

(1 out of 5.0) The above reviews are fake!! because I went down there two times with my cars, both times they made my car fill with dirt and sloppy work. First time I took my Compact 4 door car they charged me $120 and nasty water was dripping of the door panel when I got my car, they din't clean it after they tint my glass. Inside of my car was full of dirt and glue. The tint was not precisely cut, in some corners the tint was torn off. I thought, its fine beacuse of the price I paid. Second time when I took my brand new car because of this above stupid reviews, I made a great mistake. They charged me $170, even when I told them that I am a returning customer, they din't care. Then I thought probably they are charging me more because last time they did a sloppy work because of the low payment, but I was wrong they did the same thing with my brand new car. Sloppy work, made my car nasty inside with dirt and glue and they put my rear wiper in the opposite direction. When I turn on my rear window wiper, instead of going in the upward direction it goes downward, completely out of the window to the body of my car. First I thought I will go to them and fix it, later I thought it will be better if I fix it myself, because I don't trust them! If anyone doesn't believe, I won't say that don't go to them, I will say go to them and experience what I experienced.
Couldn't ask for better service.
Kevin C. in Lubbock 1 year and 5 months ago

(5 out of 5.0) Simple...I wanted ceramic tint on wife's BMW 335i...Brian's did it promptly and professionally. They used to do the tint for Alderson BMW before they went in-house...and they beat Alderson's price by $100.
"Fantastic service"
Claire F. in Lubbock 3 years and 9 months ago

(5 out of 5.0) Fantastic job!! Brian's Window Tinting is the best and trustful business. Trust them with your window tint needs. They had high quality service at reasonable price. I would highly recommend your company it to others.
"Very good job"
Brooklyn W. in Lubbock 3 years and 9 months ago

(5 out of 5.0) Very good job!! What a wonderful and fantastic service you've done for installing window tinting in my car, it looks great and I really like it. Definitely I well recommend Brian's Window Tinting to any one.
"Excellent service"
Avery L. in Lubbock 3 years and 9 months ago

(5 out of 5.0) This is my first time having your company for installing window solar film at my home, over all that was impressive and professional done. Their staff was very professional and friendly. I highly recommend Brian's Window Tinting to my relatives.
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